What is a NOAA weather radio?
A NOAA weather radio is a dedicated radio enabling the listener to receive real time weather information provided by the National Weather Service. The information provided includes current weather conditions, local forecasts, travel and recreational forecasts, as well as climatology data. Weather messages are repeated every 4 to 6 minutes and are updated every 1 to 3 hours. (Note: updates occur more frequently in rapidly changing or hazardous weather conditions.)

During severe weather, live broadcasts are made to notify listeners of potential hail, flooding, tornadoes, blizzard conditions, and other weather warnings. NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts can usually be heard as far as 40 miles from a transmitter. The latest feature added to the NOAA Weather Radio allows a listener the option of hearing warnings for specific areas, typically a county-area. These tone-alert radios can be purchased at many electronic stores, however it is a good idea to "call around" to confirm which stores actually sell the NOAA radios.

If you are surrounded by tall buildings in a city or you are located in a mountain valley, a good quality antenna may be required for reliable reception. For questions, please contact Emergency Management.

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