Should I make a report to APS?

If you are experiencing abuse, neglect or financial exploitation, Ozaukee County Adult Protective Services is here to provide options and support. If you suspect someone is experiencing abuse, neglect, self-neglect or financial exploitation, Speak Up. Individuals in these situations are often reluctant to tell anyone because they are afraid or ashamed. Others may not have the ability to Speak Up for him/herself. All of our county residents deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Anyone can voluntarily make a report. No one can be held civilly or criminally liable or found guilty of unprofessional conduct for reporting in good faith. Certain professionals may be Mandated to Report in certain situations, as detailed in Chapters 46.90 and 55.043 of the Wisconsin State Statutes (collapse)

If you:

A: *Are an employee of any entity that is licensed, certified, or approved by, or registered with DHFS OR

     *A health care provider as defined in s.155.01(7) OR

     *A social worker, professional counselor, or marriage and family therapist certified under ch. 457


B: Have seen the Elder or Adult at Risk in the course of your professional duties

And any of the following are true:

C. *The Individual at risk requested that you make a report OR

    *There is reasonable cause to believe that an Individual at Risk is at risk is of imminent risk of serious bodily harm, death, sexual assault, or significant property loss and is unable to make an informed judgment about whether to report the risk OR

    *There other Individuals at Risk who are at risk of serious bodily harm, death, sexual assault, or significant property loss by the suspected perpetrator.

If criteria are met for a Mandated Report, you must make a report to the County’s Elder/Adult at Risk agency or to the State’s oversight agency unless, in your professional judgment, you believe it would not be in the individual’s best interest. Your reasons must be documented. Inquire to your employer for additional guidance.

If criteria is not met, reporting is voluntary.

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