I posted bail. How do I get my bail money back?

If the case is still open, the Court will usually require the bail to remain on deposit to ensure the defendant's appearance in court. After the case is closed, any remaining bail (after it is applied to the restitution, fine, court costs, assessments, and surcharges) will be returned to the person whom posted the bail. A bail refund check is usually mailed within 30 days of sentencing/disposition of the case. If you do not receive the bail refund after three weeks of the closing of the case, you may contact our office at 262-284-8418.
Note that if the defendant failed to appear for a court date, the judge may order the bail forfeited and issue a bench warrant for the arrest of the defendant. If the bail is ordered forfeited, our office will mail a notice to both the defendant and the person who posted bail.

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