I wish to contest my citation, what do I do?

If you wish to appear to contest your citation, report to court on the date listed on your citation.
If the citation does not require a mandatory appearance and you wish to plead NOT GUILTY, you may do so by completing this form and mailing to:
Ozaukee County Circuit Court
ATTN: Traffic Clerk
P.O. Box 994
Port Washington, WI 53074, or faxing to 262-284-8491. The request must be received BEFORE THE COURT DATE AND MUST INCLUDE a copy of the citation, your current address, and a statement that you wish to plead NOT GUILTY. You may confirm the plea was received by reviewing your case at wicourts.gov or by calling 262-284-8409. Notice of the next court date, place, and time will be mailed to you.

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