Land & Water Management


121 W. Main St.
Port Washington, WI 53074



Soils Information and Soil Surveys, Soil Conservation and Water Quality Practices, Conservation Planning, Priority Watershed Program, Wetland Restorations, Manure Storage Ordinance, Wildlife Damage and Abatement Program, Farmland Preservation Program, Tree and Shrub Sale, Well Abandonment, Ponds, Streambank Stabilization, Aerial Photos, Environmental Education, Conservation Easements, Bluebird Houses and Wildlife Management. Wetland Determinations, Conservation Reserve Program, Wetland Reserve Program, Land Evaluation, Emergency Watershed Protection Program

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Werner, Katie   262-284-8279  
Austin, Tony Technical Support Specialist Email  262-284-8313  
Vogeler, Katie Coordinator 262-284-8279  
Pfister, Edward Sanitation & Zoning Coordinator Email  262-284-8316  
Schramm, Geoffrey Land and Water Coordinator Email  262-284-8315  
Sullivan, Barry Sanitation & Zoning Specialist Email  262-284-8318  
Brouillette, Chase Soil and Water Conservationist 262 284 8274  
Kempen, Sarah Conservation Planner/Soil Health Specialist 262-284-8271