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Public Participation - Why you Should Get Involved
Have you ever thought about what business would be perfect for the vacant lot downtown? Maybe you think that the old house down the street should be preserved for future generations to enjoy? Should a subdivision go in across the street?

Your thoughts and opinions regarding the community you live do matter! In fact, they are required as part of Wisconsin’s new Comprehensive Planning Legislation.

Just as your thoughts on the community you live are important, so are your thoughts regarding county you live in. Join the comprehensive planning process and help shape the future of Ozaukee County! A comprehensive plan requires public participation. 

Wisconsin Statute 66.1001(4)(a)
The governing body of a local governmental unit shall adopt written procedures that are designed to foster public participation, including open discussion, communication programs, information services and public meetings for which advance notice has been provided, in every stage of the preparation of a comprehensive plan.

The written procedures shall provide for wide distribution of proposed, alternative or amended elements of a comprehensive plan and shall provide an opportunity for written comments on the plan to be submitted by members of the public to the governing body and for the governing body to respond to such written comments.

Become Involved in the Planning Process
Ozaukee County is in the early stages of the comprehensive planning process. If you would like to receive updates on the county’s planning process, please fill out the form