Thiensville Village Hall & Fire Department

Engraved in the stone work above the 2 front windows of this rather strange looking structure in downtown Thiensville are the words "Thiensville Village Hall & F.D.". The building was constructed in 1914 to house the horse and hand drawn equipment of the Fire Engine Company that had been organized in 1857.

The Village of Thiensville was incorporated in 1910 after John Henry Thien purchased land and founded Thiensville in 1842. Thien became the first Captain of the Engine Company. He was also the owner of the grist mill, store and sawmill that stood about a block to the east of this building. The tower at the front of the building was called a hose tower. The great height of the tower permitted the hanging of a 100 foot section of fire hose to dry after being used at a fire scene.

After motorized fire equipment was acquired, only 2 vehicles could be stored in this building, so the fire department moved to larger quarters in 1958. The village offices were housed on the second floor of the building until that space was also outgrown and caused a move to a Municipal Center on Elm Street in 1974. The Municipal Center then also became the home of the fire department. The fire station part of the Center again became too small, and so several years ago, an addition half the size of the original new firehouse was built. 
Thiensville Fire Department exterior