Smith Brothers Fish Shanty

Commercial fishing once was an important business in Port Washington. There were 5 such operations. Each had a fishing shack and a boat. Recently 3 of the shacks were demolished to make room for a high-rise condominium project. Another shack was demolished years ago. It is anticipated that this shack will be restored and used for some kind of commercial venture. The boat (the Oliver Smith) will probably be moved elsewhere in the Port Washington harbor. The Port Washington light house is visible in the background.

The Smith Brothers Fish shanty located on the west slip in Port Washington’s harbor is a landmark to local citizens. It is the sole reminder of a once thriving fishing industry. Whitefish, chubs, perch, and trout were processed through Port Washington for distribution nation wide. The building has been identified by a preservation consultant as being eligible for the national register of historic places.

Please note: photo is before building restoration
Smith Brothers Shanty with boat on the water.
Fish Shanty exterior wall with "fish" painted on it.