Harborview Park

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About the Park
This 0.4-acre property was initially part of the north parking lot for the 'Old Courthouse' and Ozaukee County Administration Building. A retaining wall and natural landscaping was added to the northwest corner of the parking lot, in 2006. The picnic area and viewing platform were completed in Spring 2010. This park provides an excellent natural area and picnic spot for the family, and is only a few blocks from many downtown Port Washington venues.

Convenient Location
This small wayside park is a scenic spot with access to many areas. When visiting our office or other venues in downtown Port Washington make this park your rest stop and enjoy the views and natural landscaping. Harborview Park offers picnic areas and access to downtown Port Washington.
The view from the deck area provides an excellent vista of Lake Michigan, the City of Port Washington harbor and lighthouse and the historic Ozaukee County Administration Center (Courthouse).

Recreational features currently available at Harborview Park include:
  • Bird watching
  • Off Road Parking Areas
  • Picnicking

Picnic tables and toilets are available at the park. Currently many people are using this park for nature viewing, picnicking and photo shoots. View more photos from winter at the park and a deer visit. Park reservations can be made for any large group events, by calling 262-284-8257. 

Harborview Park Brochure 

Harborview Park Map

Harborview History
The former park area was a partially wooded hillside with a high retaining wall near the intersection. The hillside was extremely difficult to maintain (invasive plants) and erosion from rain and snow was a continuous problem. Regrading the entire hillside and installation of a lower retaining wall in 2007, provided enough 'green space' to consider a new park.

Native Landscape
The concept plan for this new Ozaukee County Park includes the development of a native landscape, the management of storm water, the development of public access in the form of a deck, platform and / or stairs, and the provision of educational signage discussing the features and benefits of the native landscape. View the Harborview Park site plan
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