To 2101

We opened the cornerstone box from 1901
Let amazement, wonder, and curiosity run

Our ancestors before placed documents, pictures and things we sought
To find out what their lives were about

So…. we too will encase such documents to trace
With hope that you will have curiosity of our fate.

May some of you match memories that will last
With links found within to verify our crossing your past

Think not of us strange, but proof of our times
Were to enable your lives and ours to entwine.

As you open this box of 2000 and One
We want you to know, as we watch from above, Together we share our God given love.

Written: May, 2001 for County Centennial Celebration, July 4, 2001

By: Cheryl Rodziczak
Employee of Ozaukee County Park Commissioners Office