Bird Conservation

Bird City and Ozaukee County

The mission of the Bird City Wisconsin program is: To encourage all communities in Wisconsin to implement sound bird-conservation practices by offering public recognition to those that succeed in (a) enhancing the environment for birds and (b) educating the public about the interactions between birds and people and about the contributions birds make to a healthy community. Specific categories to determine bird city community status includes: habitat creation, protection and monitoring, community forest management, limiting or removing threats to birds, public education, energy and sustainability, and world migratory bird day.

Bird City Wisconsin

Ozaukee County has maintained High-Flyer status through the Bird City Wisconsin program since its inception in 2010, meaning the county meets a minimum of 6 Bird City criteria within the major categories, through the Bird City Wisconsin Program since its inception in 2010. Ozaukee County is required to implement actions throughout the County to improve and expand habitat and conditions for birds while incorporating education and outreach to expand the reach and efforts of Bird City communities to maintain Bird City status. The Ozaukee County Planning and Parks Department (Department) maintains High-Flyer status through habitat creation, protection and monitoring through prairie and reforestation projects, land acquisition and monitoring of bird nest boxes installed in the Ozaukee County Park System and natural areas. In addition, the Department conducts education and outreach to the public through informational workshops, volunteer work days and training to numerous conservation corps teams that work with the Department on ecologically focused projects. The Department plans to continue efforts to benefit birds, educate the public and to maintain the High-Flyer Bird City status.

Ozaukee Trailside Birding Guide

There are numerous on-trail and off-trail birding hotspots along the Ozaukee Interurban Trail. The Ozaukee Interurban Trail Advisory Council invites you to explore these unique natural habitats up close and in person using this wonderful off-road trail.

Click here to download the Ozaukee Trailside Birding Guide!

Bird Collisions

Millions of birds die every year flying into windows because they can't tell reflections from trees, plants, and sky. More information on this important topic is available here: Save Birds from Flying into Windows.

Natural Resources

Wildlife habitat for birds can be as close as the food, water, and shelter in your own backyard.

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