Falls Prevention

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Kari Dombrowski

Stepping On

A workshop to help build confidence and reduce falls!

Falling is very common; it can result in injury and can shake your confidence.  The threat of falling can be a barrier to safely doing all the things you want to do at home and in the community. Preventing falls is critical to maintaining independence.

Stepping On is a program that has been researched and proven to reduce falls in older people. More than one-third of people age 65 or older fall each year. Falls are the leading cause of injury and hospitalization for trauma and death among older adults.

The Stepping On workshop meets for two hours a week for seven weeks. The workshops are led by health promotion leaders who are concerned about falls, just like you. Local guests provide information on exercise, vision, safety, and medications. A $20 donation includes all learning materials.

Is this workshop for you? Stepping On is designed specifically for anyone who is 65 or older, has fallen in the past year, is fearful of falling, lives at home, and does not have dementia.