Property Transfer Report

Utilize Data

Thank you for utilizing data provided by the Ozaukee County Land Information Office. When utilizing this data please cite the Ozaukee County Land Information Office. This data set is a compilation of data retrieved from the Ozaukee County Register of Deeds Office.

Because each document may have multiple grantors and / or grantees, each is listed separately for each document number. Names and addresses noted as (future) are documents tracted to parcels to be placed on the subsequent assessment role

Please note: The document types listed in this report are those which normally transfer real estate. Other document types, if used in a particular way may transfer real estate.

All documents recorded are available for review at the Register of Deeds Office. Call the Land Information Office at 262-284-8167.

Requested Data

Column Description
A Transfer Fee (sale price = fee divided by 3 multiplied by 1000)
B Document Number
C Document Type
D Grantor / Grantee Name
E Parcel Number 
F Document Recording Date
G Name as Document Grantor / Grantee
H Company Name
I Care of Line
J First Name
K Middle Name
L Last Name
M Title
N First Name
O Middle Name
P Last Name
Q Title
R First Name
S Middle Name
T Last Name
U Title
V Et Al
W Street Number
X Street Number
Y Street Dir
Z Street Pref
AA Street Name
AB Street Suffix
AC Street Suff Dir
AD "Apt, Suite Room"
AE Rural Box
AF P.O. Box
AG City
AH State
AI Zip
AJ Company Name (future)
AK In Care of Line (future)
AL First Name (future)
AM Middle Name (future)
AN Last Name (future)
AO Title (future)
AP First Name (future)
AQ Middle Name (future)
AR Last Name (future)
AS Title (future)
AT First Name (future)
AU Middle Name (future)
AV Last Name (future)
AW Title (future)
AX Et Al (future)
AY Street Number (future)
AZ Street Number (future)
AB Street Dir (future)
BB Street Pref (future)
BC Street Name (future)
BD Street Suffix (future)
BE Street Suff Dir (future)
BF "Apt, Suite Room" (future)
BG P.O. Box (future)
BH City (future)
BI State (future)
BJ Zip (future)
BK Zip Plus 4 (future)