Regulatory Programs

General Information
Land and Water Management Department administers the sanitary, shoreland zoning, manure storage, and nonmetallic mining ordinances for Ozaukee County.

Sanitary & Zoning Regulations
The sanitary regulations apply to all unsewered development within the county. The zoning regulations apply to the unincorporated areas of the county and only to development that occurs within 300 feet of a stream, 1,000 feet of a lake or flowage, or to the areas within the floodplain if it is greater than the previous distances. Along some rivers, particularly the Milwaukee River and Cedar Creek, areas of the floodplain extend greater than 300 feet. Please see Chapter NR 115 and Chapter NR 116 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code for further information.

Manure Storage
The manure storage regulations apply to all existing manure storage facilities and/or new construction within the county. For further information please see the following links.

NR 151 and Department of Agriculture
- Chapter NR 151
- Land and Water Conservation
Farm Land Preservation
Nutrient Management

Nonmetallic Mining Regulations

 All nonmetallic mining operations within the county [> 1 acre of disturbance] are also regulated by the county. Please see Chapter NR 135 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code for additional information.