Safety Registry

The Safety Registry is a free service for people residing in Ozaukee County that may become lost or confused in the community and not be able to find their way home.  A person may unexpectedly leave home because they are looking for something, trying to get away from something, or are just confused.  When someone has the potential to wander because of a cognitive impairment caused by a diagnosis such as autism in a younger person or dementia in an older person, this can be cause for concern.  A person who has taken a safe walk around the block may suddenly turn a different direction for no apparent reason.  A room may become unfamiliar and the person may walk outdoors instead of walking into the next room.  Daytime and nighttime can become confusing so that the individual unexpectedly goes out in the dark when the family is not aware.  A person may be driving and become confused on the road and become lost.  

For this reason the the Aging and Disability Resource Center and its community partners have developed the SAFETY REGISTRY as a free service for people residing in Ozaukee County that may become lost or confused and not able to find their way home.
How the Registry Works
The Aging and Disability Resource Center of Ozaukee County (ADRC) maintains descriptive information and photographs of Ozaukee County residents who are at risk for wandering. If someone is found wandering, the Sheriff's Department and all Ozaukee County police departments can access the Registry listing and review the pictures and related descriptions. If a match is found, the police will immediately call the contacts listed on the registry form. Law Enforcement can also use this information to more quickly issue a Silver Alert statewide if you deem it necessary.

Registry Enrollment
To enroll someone on the Safety Registry

Complete the Safety Registry enrollment form below with information about the person. This form is also available from local police departments, the Sheriff's Department or the ADRC.

For Your Convenience
Please select the links below to access the Safety Registry Information Sheet and the Safety Registry Enrollment Form, both are PDFs.

Please return the form along with a current photograph to:

Aging and Disability Resource Center of Ozaukee County 
121 W. Main Street
Port Washington, WI 53074
For Law Enforcement

The Safety Registry database can be accessed by all county law enforcement agencies