Civil judgments filed with the Clerk of Courts office are against individuals and/or businesses. Judgments filed with the Clerk of Courts office cannot be searched by property address.

Civil judgments may be searched at wicourts.gov.

Transcript from Judgment

Judgments from other Wisconsin Trial Courts, Municipal Courts, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, the Wisconsin Supreme Court, or Federal Courts within Wisconsin are filed as Transcripts from Judgments under the TJ case type.

There is a $5.00 fee for filing a Transcript from Judgment with our office. There is a $5.00 fee for obtaining a Transcript from Judgment from our office to file in another county.

Foreign Judgments

Judgments, decisions, or orders of a state court outside of Wisconsin, a state or federal government agency, and Federal Courts outside of Wisconsin are filed as Foreign Judgments under the FJ case type.

A person entering a foreign judgment must provide the Ozaukee County Clerk of Court with the following:

  • Notice of Filing Foreign Judgment
  • Affidavit of Identification, including last known post office address, regarding the judgment debtor and the judgment creditor
  • Certified copy of the judgment, decree, or order
  • Total fees of $20.00 (Filing fee of $15.00; and Docket fee of $5.00 - required for placing the judgment in the public lien index)

Satisfying a Civil Judgment

For an Ozaukee County judgment, if the debt has been paid in full, form GF-129 is required to be filed along with the statutory $5.00 fee. 

Satisfying a Transcript of Judgment (TJ) requires a certified copy of the Satisfaction filed in the originating county or a Certificate of Satisfaction (GF-121) with official seal from original county pursuant to Wisconsin Statute 806.22.

Foreign Judgments originating from a Wisconsin Federal Court follow the above TJ procedure. Foreign Judgments from Federal Courts outside Wisconsin follow regular satisfaction procedures.

Please see FAQs for information regarding satisfaction due to bankruptcy.