Large Scale Impediments

Large scale impediments include low-flow dams, improperly placed or sized road and stream crossing culverts or bridges, improperly placed stone ford crossings, and other miscellaneous structures. In general, large scale impediment removals or remediations require detailed design, engineering, hydraulic and hydraulic modeling, and permitting due to the scope and scale of the projects. For most road/stream crossings, the designs generally followed U.S. Forest Service stream crossing protocols and, to the degree practicable, are guided by bankfull channel cross section measurements taken in stable, representative reaches (preferably upstream of the crossing) considered consistent with the anticipated, natural channel morphology of Ozaukee County.  In addition, designs include detailed hydraulic and hydrologic modeling to ensure that the crossing is passable, to the extent possible, to native fish under a variety of flow conditions.
Types of Impediments