Debris/Log Jams

These impediments can be naturally occurring or can be a result of human-influenced activity. Debris and log jams may range in size from a single log to a large accumulation of woody debris hundreds of feet long. Some sediment and debris may accumulate within or upstream of a jam. Work to remove jams varies. Some logs may be lifted out by hand, but many will require chainsaws and other tools to cut them into smaller sizes for removal. Unless specified by County staff, log jam debris should be dispersed discretely in the floodplain areas where it won’t wash away during storm/flood events. Some logs may also be placed parallel to creek banks to aid bank stabilization. Stream team input should be obtained before logs are left along the banks of a impediment site and the appropriate distance away from the channel in the floodplain.
Log Removal

Before and After a Log Jam Removal

Log Jam