Record Request

Information regarding a case may be available to the public online through Wisconsin Circuit Court Access. Documents can be viewed at the Self Help Center located within the courthouse. Requests for copies of records can be made as indicated below. 

Submit a Records Request by:

  • Email
  • Phone: 262-284-8420
  • Fax: 262-284-8491
  • Mail - 1201 S. Spring St., P.O. Box 994, Port Washington, WI 53074
  • In person - Ozaukee County Justice Center, 1201 S. Spring St., Port Washington, WI 53074

Department of Justice guidelines allow 10 working days for responding to record requests. Our office works to complete requests as soon as practicable and without delay. If you have submitted a request, there is no need to submit an additional request, either in the same format or a different one.


  • To conduct a records search without a case number, a $5 per name search fee is assessed pursuant to WI Statute 814.61(11).
  • Copies of documents are $1.25 per page pursuant to WI Statute 814.61(10) or $1 per page for probate matters.
  • Certified copies are $5 per document pursuant to WI Statute 814.61(5) or $3 per document for probate matters.
  • Exemplified copies (triple seal typically for out-of-state filing) is $15 for the exemplification, and $1.25 per page for the documents being attached.

Court Record Retention

Please review a summary of Supreme Court Rule Chapter 72 for questions relating to the retention schedule of court records.


For the purpose of requesting a transcript or electronic copy of a court matter 
that was digitally recorded please complete this form. Please review the form 
completely before submitting to the Clerk of Circuit Court's office.