Other Local Resources

COPE Hotline:

  • Provides emotional support, crisis intervention, and information and referral services to Ozaukee County and the Greater Milwaukee area.  (262) 377-COPE—24 hour hotline. Click here for their website. 

Economic Support:

  • To work in partnership with our community to effectively sustain or regain the well-being and self-sufficiency of families and individuals. (262) 284-8200. Click here to view their website. 

Ozaukee Community Health Clinic:

  • Medical care for underinsured and uninsured people of Ozaukee County, located at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee hospital. The clinic is open every Wednesday beginning at 5:00 p.m.(414) 326-1800 for appointments or (262) 243-7533 to leave a message for the clinic.Click here to view their website. 

Ozaukee Family Services:

  • Serve those in need by offering programs in family education and prevention, as well as counseling and senior services.  Services are provided on a sliding fee scale. (262) 376-7774 Click here to view their website. 

Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department:

  • WIC, Well Women Program, Immunizations, Health Information  (262) 284-8170 Click here to view their website.

Sirona Recovery

  • Improving the quality of life for individuals and strengthening communities through collaboration, shared resources, and multi-disciplinary problem-solving strategies. 262-377-1477.  Click here to view their website. 

Advocates of Ozaukee:

  • Provides services and information for those who may be experiencing domestic or sexual violence.  (262) 284-6902 or (877) 375-4034—Crisis Line Click here to view their website.

  Regional & Other Groups

Local Police Departments:
  • Police and Sheriff’s Departments (Emergency)—911
  • Ozaukee Sheriff (Non-Emergency)—(262) 284-7172 or (262) 377-7172
  • Cedarburg Police (Non-Emergency)—(262) 375-7620
  • Fredonia Police (Non-Emergency)—(262) 692-9125
  • Grafton Police (Non-Emergency)—(262) 375-5320
  • Mequon Police (Non-Emergency)—(262) 242-3500
The Ozaukee County Heroin Task Force assumes no liability for damages arising from errors, omissions, or services listed on this web page.  The Task Force does not recommend or endorse any provider, agency, or resource listed here.  The web page is solely for the information of individuals impacted by opiates/heroin in Ozaukee County and is a collection of publicly listed information assembled here for the benefit of the community at the request of concerned citizens.   This page is hosted by the Ozaukee County Department of Human Services as a public service to the community and is maintained in collaboration with the many stakeholders represented within the Ozaukee County Heroin Task Force.