From James Bourgeois, Cedarburg resident;
Following surgery on July 2nd, 2014 at Aurora Hospital in Grafton, I was required to choose a facility in the area that provided Rehab, including PT. I chose Lasata and I was not disappointed! In particular, the staffing!

I would like to mention all the personnel that took part in my care by name, but unfortunately, I am not good at remembering names! So for fear, of forgetting some of the names, I will not indicate any one person by name. It makes it easy for me to cast everyone in the same lot, as they were all extremely good in what they do!

In addition to the excellent job they all did, was their personal demeanor! I particular like their personal greetings, such as "Good morning Jim, how are you doing today?" A simple greeting was so important to me as a recent widower, as I seldom hear any words of encouragement anymore! It is a good way to start a new day, as well as brighten the day as it goes on! My comments include personnel in Rehab, as well as in the dining area!

Your personnel Department should be commended for the great job they do in hiring and training your personnel! They are worthy of praise!

One quote I don't mind mentioning, was from one of your several residents I briefly visited with! I would consider him a Lifer, as he intends to die there, and I say that with utmost respect! He told me, "I consider this my home and everyone here as my Family. I love them all!" He was referring to the residents and staff alike! I take this accolade as one of the highest order in referring to your facility.

Going to Lasata, prior to going home was definitely the right call!I want to thank everyone for the Professional Care and Rehab provided for me during my staff.

From the daughter of a current resident;  
Would you please pass on to the nursing staff how grateful we are to their attention to details. When our Mom is not feeling well, they pick up on it just through their daily observation of her. If she doesn't walk past the nurses station at her usual pace or with positive comment, they are quick to check in on her and don't hesitate to call me if there is something of note. It gives both my sister and I peace of mind to know that she is being cared for so well. All of the efforts that the Lasata staff puts forth is greatly appreciated.

From the family of a former resident;
Recently my sister passed away at your facility. I have had the opportunity to visit her a number of times during her mental and physical decline while at your facility and I feel obligated to compliment your staff and tell them how grateful I am for the kind and loving care they gave her.

My sister who was quite intelligent and an RN could be a handful when she wanted something because she frequently felt she knew what was right. Because she had been disabled for a long time, I think she became used to people catering to her just a little.

At any rate, she was happy at Lasata. She was not only taken care of, but it was done in a very friendly and helpful manner. You do an excellent job of hiring so many and such nice people! I particularly want to thank the nurses and CNAs. I also want to thank the people who cleaned and provided other services. No one was anything but good.

Paul Schultz

From the Frank and Clarice Buchholz family;
Dear Mr. Luedtke:

Our dear father and husband, Frank Buchholz, was in your care for the past eleven months. In the early hours of April 10th he peacefully passed away.

As i'm sure happens many times in the middle of the night, the family deals with the funeral director and a few other details and then quietly, solemnly disappears. There is only time to say "thank you" to the small staff on duty at that time of the night. Rest assured that although we acted like all of those other bereaved, our thoughts were also on the dozens of caregivers who made Frank's last eleven months of a ninety-three year life an experience of kindness, dignity, and respect.

We won't attempt to name anyone because noone should be excluded from our thanks. You made a potentially difficult transition from home to care center a smooth one. You administered your care with dignity and love. You cared for mind, body and soul as if he were your own father or grandfather.
May God Bless You All,

Clarice Buchholz and family

The following are some statements from residents and family members:
"My mother has been in your wonderful physicality for almost three weeks now. We briefly met a couple weeks ago when I was visiting from California. I appreciate you taking the time to visit with me and explain her situation.

I can not thank you enough for getting my mother in Lasata and making this transition for her so seamless, considering the nature of her stroke. As you may imagine when a tragedy strikes a love one it can be very hard for the immediate family in coping with a major change in her physical health. 

Being so far from Wisconsin my mind was filled with the horrors of a nursing home and the care she might be given. My worst nightmares were put to rest as soon as I entered in your care facility. From the rehab staff to the nursing personal even down to the receptionist; I can rest easier at night knowing my mother is in such wonderful care!

Feel free to contact me if you need any help down the line with my mother. If you ever visit California. I would be happy to somehow repay you for your kindness to my mother."

Other testimonials include:
"The staff really seemed to care about my mother's well-being and her best interests."

"It was reassuring to know that everyone who answered the phone knew who he was!"

"Thank you for all you did for my father, I am so thankful for the care he received at Lasata."

"We felt so comfortable with how caring the staff was and that we were kept informed."

"The wonderful care mom received especially at the end when we didn't know how to do it!"

"Lasata staff treated me like I was family."

"We appreciated the consistent staffing especially in the nursing department."

"The Social Worker and nursing staff helped us through some very difficult times."

"We appreciate having a safe place for mom to stay."

The Palmer Krueger Family wrote:
Dad is at rest now and we want each and every one of you to know how thankful we are for the wonderful care he received the past 3 1/2 years.  You were so loving in your care for him.  You can't know how much that meant to us.  Your kindness and compassion will be remembered always.