Vaccinated Animals

Vaccinated dogs and cats may be quarantined on the premises of the owner. Vaccinated dogs and cats may be quarantined on the premises of the owner if the animal is kept in an escape-proof enclosure or in the home and walked on a leash by a responsible adult. If quarantine cannot be adequately maintained on the premises of the owner, an officer may order a vaccinated dog or cat to be quarantined at an isolation facility.
  • During the 10-day quarantine, a licensed veterinarian must examine the dog or cat on the 1st day, the last day and 1 intervening day of the observation period. This is the only time that the animal may leave the owner’s premises.
  • If the animal exhibits signs of illness or a change in behavior, it is crucial that the owner notify the veterinarian immediately.
  • The quarantine may be released if the veterinarian certifies that the animal has exhibited no signs of rabies during the 10-day quarantine period.
  • The veterinarian may extend the quarantine if clinical signs warrant the extension, however, this rarely occurs.
  • In the unlikely event the animal under quarantine exhibits signs of rabies, state statute requires that the animal be humanely killed and the brain submitted to the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene for rabies testing.
  • The owner of the animal is responsible for all expenses incurred in connection with the quarantine.