Volunteer Opportunities at the Heights


  • Clean fleece or cotton blend, warm fabrics appropriate for making hats, scarves and small blankets and dog toys.
  • New, unused, unopened items for game prizes -
    • tissue packs, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hand lotions, etc.
    • cough drops, hard candies, cookie, cracker or candy packs, etc.
    • playing cards, puzzle books (large print is best), note cards
    • sponges, hand wipes, sanitizers, hand soaps, etc.

  • SERVICE PROJECTS: Assist with organizing and completing community service opportunities with the tenants, like our Bob's Under the Bridge partnership!
  • WALKING PARTNER: Come take a walk with a friend!  We have several tenants who would love to get outside to enjoy the breezes and birds and take a short walk or ride in their wheelchairs but don't feel comfortable going out alone.
  • YOGA: We would LOVE a LIVE chair yoga instructor for our very dedicated yoga group.  They participate faithfully in a DVD series twice weekly but an in-person instructor once or twice a month would be a great treat!
  • FOUND! THANK YOU CHRIS! Computer Help Desk!  Could you answer simple questions and give basic instruction on some computer skills for seniors?  
  • FOUND! THANK YOU PAT! DISCUSSION GROUP FACILITATOR WANTED! I would like to start an intellectually challenging discussion group - perhaps related to trivia and memory work or "mock-trial" type discussions of issues. Sound interesting? 
  • Have an idea for a great activity you'd like to try with Seniors?  Let's talk! 
  • Please contact Kristen Sonnenberg at 262-512-2838 or by Email