Preparing for Admissions

When you arrive at Lasata Care Center, please report to the reception desk in the main lobby.  The receptionist will notify personnel of your arrival, who will then take you to your room and help you get settled.  We suggest that you arrive in the morning, which will enable you to get acquainted with your new surroundings and neighbors before your noon meal; however, we are flexible in order to meet the needs of both resident and family.

Before your admission, we suggest that necessary appointments with your eye doctor, dentist, banker, etc. be completed.

We suggest that you bring clothing you would wear at home.  This would include simple dresses for women, washable shirts and pants for men, underwear, stockings and socks, comfortable shoes, slippers, sleepwear, robe, sweaters and outerwear.  You may wish to include a “dressy” outfit for special occasions.  Our laundry department personnel will neatly mark all of your clothing with your name when you arrive.  If you bring additional clothing, or receive clothing as a gift, please take it to the reception desk and it will be sent to the laundry for marking and then delivered to the resident's room.  A week’s worth of clothing is suggested initially.
Because of the limitation in space we must limit the number of personal items a resident can bring.  A radio, portable fan, one stuffed or padded chair, a small television or a small dorm-sized refrigerator is allowed; however, a large console television, iron, microwave oven, large dressers and other furniture are not allowed.  Pictures and other small items are encouraged.  Bulletin boards are furnished in each room as well as counter space for many of the items you may wish to bring with you.  All furniture and appliances brought in must be inspected by our maintenance department for safety & approval before going into the resident's room, all pictures and wall hangings must be installed by our Maintenance Department.

We hope you get to know as many of our staff members as possible.  If at any time you have any questions, or concerns, please contact any of the following staff persons: