Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs Programs

For more information on any of the below programs, the Wisconsin Department of Veteran Affairs can be reached at 800-WIS VETS.

Primary Mortgage Home Loan
This loan is usually at a rate below either the Federal Loan rate or the commercial rate.)(There are no income caps, but there is a maximum amount that can be borrowed.

Home Improvement Loan
This can be used for any number of reasons associated with improving your primary residence. There is a maximum loan amount allowed, as well as having at least 10% equity in your home.

Personal Loan Program
This can be used for debt consolidation, education, purchase of business, educational expenses, medical and or funeral expenses, or for purchasing a mobile home. There is a maximum loan amount.

Tuition Fee Reimbursement Grant
Reimburses the veteran for a portion of tuition and fees while attending an approved school full time. Can be drawn at the same time as the GI Bill, and like the GI Bill, must be used within 10 years of date of discharge. Income limits apply.

Part-Time Study-Grant
This grant works just like the Tuition Fee Reimbursement Program, but is used for students taking 11 credit hours or less. It has no expiration date. Income limits apply.

Retraining Grant
This grant provides assistance with retraining a veteran who has been recently laid off or discharged. (Cannot be due to their own willful misconduct).

Health Care Aid Grant
This grant provides some limited assistance with medical expenses for veterans and their families, this includes dental treatment, dentures and eyeglasses. Income and asset limits apply.

Subsistence Aid Grant
This grant covers basic living expenses when injury or illness causes a loss of income. The grant is good for 90 days only.

Wisconsin Veterans’ Retirement Home
Located in King Wisconsin, near Waupaca, this home provides unsurpassed facilities, recreational opportunities and services for veterans, their spouses, and certain qualifying dependents. A second home will be coming available outside Union Grove Wisconsin.  Age restrictions apply.

Veterans Assistance Program
This program provides assistance to veterans who are, or about to become homeless. This is a 6- to 9-month program to assist veterans with regaining those skills required to return to the workforce, as well as re-integrating into society.

State Veterans’ Cemeteries
These provide a final resting-place to our state’s veterans and spouses.