Federal Veteran Benefits

Federal Programs
The Department of Veterans Affairs, formally known as the VA, currently offers the following programs. (Some limitations may apply based on period of service, as well as length of service. 
  • Education (GI Bill)
  • VA Home Loan Guarantee
  • Government Life Insurance
  • Pension - For age and disability for both the veteran and the spouse (This has strict limits for allowable income and assets.)
  • Disability Compensation - For veterans with disabilities that occurred in, or were aggravated by their military service
  • Death Compensation - For the survivors of military personnel who were killed in service, or whose subsequent cause of death was connected to their military service
  • Vocation Rehabilitation and Counseling - For veterans with service connected disabilities
  • Burial Benefits
    • Burial Flag
    • Grave Marker
    • Monetary award, if death was service connected or veteran was receiving pension at the time of death, or veteran died in a VA Healthcare, or Nursing Home Facility
  • VA Healthcare - VA Medical System is open to all veterans (Co-pays may apply depending upon income and assets.); certain survivors of deceased veterans may also be eligible, including:
    • Inpatient Care
    • Outpatient Treatment
    • Substance Abuse Treatment
    • Mental Health Care (including PostTraumatic Stress Disorder)
More Information
The VA toll-free number is 800-827-1000. The VA Medical Center Milwaukee number is 414-384-2000.