General Information:

If you go to circuit court, and you are not satisfied with the court's judgment or order, you are entitled to appeal that judgment or order to the Court of Appeals. The order appealed from must be a final judgment or order from the circuit court. An appeal asks the Court of Appeals to look at what the circuit court did to determine if the circuit court made the right decision or followed the correct procedure.

Helpful Resources:

Frequently asked questions about the appeal process.

The self-help law center provides information on how to file an appeal, file a petition for review and sets forth the procedure for an expedited appeal. Wisconsin Statutes Chapters 808 and 809 set forth appellate procedure and timelines. 

Guide to Wisconsin Appellate Procedure for the Self-Represented Litigant

Filing a petition for review: A guide to seeking a review in the Wisconsin Supreme Court

The Wisconsin State Law Library provides additional resources on appellate procedure.