Find Out If You Need to Appear for Jury Duty

Because scheduled jury trials sometimes settle or are re-scheduled, Ozaukee County uses a voice mail recording system to inform jurors if it is necessary to actually appear on the date(s) that appear on the summons. 

To determine when to report for jury service, you must call the Jury Information line at 262-284-8416 or 262-238-8416 after 5:00 p.m. on the night before each date listed on your summons.  Listen carefully to the entire recorded message and follow the instructions carefully.  The message will tell you whether you should report, whether there has been a change in the time you are to report, or any other information that could affect your service.  Please listen to the entire message carefully.

Jurors must appear on the date(s) listed on their summons unless the message tells them otherwise.